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101 - Live At The Majestic Theatre in Dallas - Resources

Episode 101
+The previous night's hometown was the murder of Gregory Glen Biggs, a homeless man who was hit by a car then lodged into the windshield. Click here for the Wikipedia page.
+I believe this is the book Georgia was talking about that Peter Elkind wrote. It's about Nurse Genene Jones in San Antonio. Buy it here.

Karen covered the cult leader Terri Hoffman.
+Here is the first article Karen used called "The Curse of the Black Lords" by Peter Elkind.
+Here is the second article Karen used called "The Rise and Fall of a North Dallas Cult".
+Here's the Wikipedia page on Terri Hoffman.

Georgia covered Sandra Bridewell - The Black Widow.
+Here's one of the articles Georgia referenced called "The Black Widow".
+Here's the Murderpedia page on Sandra Bridewell.

+Here's an article on the hometown murder that Angela shared.

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